360 Degree Informations

End to end granular information in healthcare domain with comparative and critical details to empower patients to take decisions themselves.

360 Degree Care

The approach aims to facilitate end to end care with human touch

360 Degree Coverage

Let it be old or child, rich or poor, the service does not limit it's penetration across doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres, medical tourism and so on.

360 Degree Satisfaction

Ultimate aim of the service is to extent satisfaction to the patients in a service provider neutral appoach

360 Degree Peace

The vision of the venture is aimed to achieve a mental peace whenever a customer is in trouble in emergency


Health360plus is an unique all round healthcare service with below unique features: - It will be seamlessly partnered and integrated with care providers to provide a fair and single point source for medical services, - Fully guided by competent and trained medical and paramedical professionals, - Extending high quality primary healthcare, and medical board consultation beyond metro cities – to urban and rural – busting geological boundaries.
Health360Plus is a project by people where we plan to execute on your behalf. Hence your opinion counts. Your contribution in many forms creates the venture more meaningful to the society.